want to inspire your children to dream big dreams, live in integrity, and be more confident?

Dear Parent:

 If you're like me you want the best for your children.

 You see the overwhelming surge of negativity and self-deprecating  material running rampant in our society.

 Our impressionable  kids are being subliminally affected every day by these messages through hollywood, social media platforms, etc.

Hi! I'm Josh Nelson ...

I'm an artist!

I have sold hundreds of my posters and here's one thing I've learned for sure:


Most of the time it's a child that tugs at their parent's jacket when I'm at live events to come and take a look at my art. 

Hi! I'm Josh Nelson ...

   I have sold hundreds of posters that I've made and here's one thing  I've learned for sure:


       Most of the time it's a child that tugs at their parents jacket when     I'm  at live events to come and take a look at my art. 

When my son was born ...

My wife and I were excited to decorate his childhood room! We wanted to find artwork that would inspire him to dream big dreams, live in integrity and be confident as he grew ...

But most of the products available encouraged him to be an athlete or be “cute” which aren't bad things, but they don't inspire his individuality either.

 I LOVE self-improvement books—I read over 30 books last year!

These books are so great because they have helped me think so much more of myself; helped me to gain new friends and influence the world for the better.

Imagine a world where our children think along these same lines from a young age!

How cool would the world be?

Instead of indoctrinating them through the endless messages of conformity from mainstream media we flood them with messages such as: 
 "You’re awesome. You’re amazing. Go tackle life with everything you have. Just be you and be really good at whatever you do.
YOU CAN conquer the giant."

Most people think wall art is a luxury. But it is NOT. 

Our environment is a reflection of who we are and the whole stimulation impacts how we (and our kids) feel in our homes.

I'm also hand-signing every poster for you ☺️

So what are you waiting for? 
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  • 3 16 x 20 inches posters printed on 350 GSM UV gloss cover stock ($89)
  • ​FREE process videos of the 3 posters ($49)
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